Lago Templates

We maintain several templates which are publicly available here, and Lago will use them by default. We try to ensure each of those templates is fully functional out of the box. All templates are more or less the same as the standard cloud image for each distribution.

The templates specification and build scripts are managed in a different repository, and it should be fairly easy to create your own templates repository.

Available templates

Template name OS
el7-base CentOS 7.2
el7.3-base CentOS 7.3
el7.4-base CentOS 7.4
fc23-base Fedora 23
fc24-base Fedora 24
fc25-base Fedora 25
fc26-base Fedora 26
el6-base CentOS 6.7
debian8-base Debian 8
ubuntu16.04-base Ubuntu 16.04

Repository metadata

A templates repository should contain a repo.metadata file describing all available templates. The repository build script creates this file automatically. The file contains a serialized JSON object with the members detailed below. For an example, see the above repository’s metadata file.

The name of the repository.


<name>: Name of a source.

Source type. May be either http or file.

Varies depending on the source type.

For an http source, should contain a baseurl member pointing to the root of the repository on the web.

For a file source, should contain a root member pointing to the root of the repository on the filesystem.


<name>: Unique template name.


<version>: Unique version string.

Name of the source from which this template version was created.
Creation time of the template version.
Either a base file name of the template located in the root directory of the repository, or a root-relative path to the template file.